Selecting and Training Children’s Academy Teachers

 In Partner Schools, Quality Schools Program

August 15, 2012
Erik Badger

One of our goals with the Children’s Academy and Learning Center is to inspire excitement and innovation among visiting educators. This will not only require an intriguing educational program, but it will also require talented, inspired, open-minded teachers. To help us choose the first two teachers for the Children’s Academy, we enlisted the help of Amurt, a fantastic organization offering a comprehensive early education training program. On August 1st through 3rd we sent four candidates to their training and afterwards asked them to help us choose the best two based on how well they responded to the training.

Amurt’s training program aims to bring education to life through holistic, student-centered, and joyful approaches to learning. We’re thrilled to be in partnership with them to help us select and train our teachers. To learn more, click here for the full activity report.

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