Thanks Again, Morgan and Madison Fisher!

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April 18, 2013
Erik Badger

In a couple previous blog posts (#1, #2), I described an inspiring young girl, Morgan Fisher, who at the tender age of 11 raised funds for our partner, Anonsiyasyon Community School through selling hand-made Valentine’s Day greeting cards and teddy bears, as well as soliciting donations from friends and family.

Well, she didn’t stop there. Together with her sister Madison, the Fisher sisters did it again, raising funds for the school through selling teddy bears both this year and last. This year alone the two raised over $700 for Anonsiyasyon!

Here’s a note from their mom, Sheri, describing what they did:

“…Morgan and Madison just raised another $760 for the Annonciation school! They were invited to sell teddy bears (at Christ Church), which were collected to give to children entering DCFS. The bears were donated by our church rummage department this year, so all of the proceeds were profit, and all of the bears will go to needy children. It was an amazing day of service, and we are thrilled to be able to continue to help the school rebuild.”

On behalf of the kids at Anonsiyasyon Community School, Haiti Partners would like to extend our great appreciation to Morgan and Madison, the whole Fisher family, as well as Christ Church in Winnetka, IL. The work you all have done for the students at Anonsiyasyon is truly amazing. Thank you!


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