A Prayer with Haiti on the Anniversary of the Earthquake

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January 12, 2011

Loving God,

We come to you, first, in silence. We mourn those who died one year ago today in the earthquake. And we mourn with those who mourn, all those who lost loved ones and saw so much damage done to their country. Our hearts are still broken for so many lives cut short.

We come to you in sadness, too, for the suffering of far, far too many people this year in Haiti. God, when we think it can’t get any worse, somehow it does. The earthquake, the loss of life and of homes and of important buildings, the struggle of recovery, the ravages of cholera, the stalemate of politics. All these headlines affect so many girls and boys, fathers and mothers.

We come to you, even so, in gratitude. We’ve seen the courage of so many people in the midst of circumstances no one should ever have to face. We come to you in prayer together with so many in Haiti who have stayed faithful to you this past year: Many walk from the tent they now live in to worship you next to their church that collapsed.

We come to you asking forgiveness – personally, as an organization, as people of faith, as people of our country. In the past 400 years a lot of sin by a lot of people has led to this moment in Haiti. Let us be bold in our desire to help, but also humble in knowing our own limits and selfishness. And let us confess that we could each probably do more to help.

We come asking for boldness of vision and commitment. For wisdom and courage. Strengthen our Haitian friends, colleagues, and the communities we work with—that in the year ahead they might continue to find strength for their lives and work. Strengthen our partners in this work whose giving and prayers make it possible to help many people; their generosity humbles us.

Together may we boldly love and work for a world that better reflects your goodness. We know we do all of this with your strength. We keep committing anew each day, trusting that you will equip and encourage us.

We come asking for your grace. God, our source of life, we need so much more from you. We don’t understand why all this happens. But we do know that you call us to love.  We know that you are with us. And, we trust you even when we don’t understand.

Praying in Jesus’ name,


We also invite you to take a few minutes with these five links at this one-year anniversary:

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