Beyond Measure documentary screening at Children’s Academy

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Haiti Partners is pleased to be holding a screening of the new feature length documentary, Beyond Measure, this Tuesday, December 8th, at 4pm EST at the Children’s Academy and Learning Center in Bawosya, Haiti. Beyond Measure shines a light on alternatives to the current high-stakes test driven model of education that’s so prevalent in the US and elsewhere.

From the press release:

“Where many past documentaries have dwelled on the education crisis and the policies to blame for it, BEYOND MEASURE follows public schools across the country as they take matters into their own hands, innovating from the inside. Subverting our high-stakes education culture, even when it means putting their jobs at risk, the film’s featured educators are the advance guard in a burgeoning national movement to reinvent school. By spotlighting success stories, BEYOND MEASURE shows that it is possible to rise above America’s toxic achievement fixation and build a richer, deeper, more empowering, and student-centered education culture from the ground up.”

The makers of Beyond Measure are eager to partner with schools, religious institutions, and other non-profits to spread the word about the documentary and to raise this critical issue for public discussion. For more information, check out their website at or view the trailer at Also, be sure to check out their new book, Beyond Measure: Rescuing an Overscheduled, Overtested, Underestimated Generation.

Haiti Partners is grateful to Reel Link Films for being supportive of our interest in making it possible for the people of Bawosya, including our staff and associates in Haiti, to view Beyond Measure. Given how test-driven the traditional education system in Haiti is, we’re confident the documentary will serve as a great catalyst for a pointed conversation about high-stakes testing and the culture of education in Haiti and abroad.


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