Building Community from Chester, PA to Leogane, Haiti: Stetser Elementary and Henri Christophe Community School

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May 30, 2013

Since 2011 Stetser Elementary School in Chester, PA has been a great partner to Henri Christophe Community School. They have taught about Haiti and Henri Christophe, and raised funds through a Pennies Drive and a Talent Show. In an effort to cultivate leadership, these efforts have been led by students themselves.

This year Stetser is at it again, this time planting vegetable gardens under a Share the Dream grant. From Stetser Principal, Janet Baldwin:

“We received some grant money two years ago to build two raised bed vegetable gardens so our children could learn about gardening and then we could use the fresh vegetables to serve with our lunch program. The City of Chester, Pennsylvania, where our school is located, is a high crime urban area with very little space for gardens so our children have never experienced growing their own food. Last year we were fortunate to be invited to the White House to assist First Lady Michelle Obama in planting the White House gardens. We came back with the desire to establish the Stetser Community Garden so we could grow more fresh foods for our children and their families and our community. We recently received more grant money to add 4 more raised beds. We are almost finished planting our new beds and will work to run our Stetser Community Garden during our Stetser Eco-School Summer Academy. When we harvest the vegetables and distribute them we will be asking for donations to be sent to Henri Christophe Community School so your children might be able to plant a garden at your school.”

Haiti Partners is very grateful to the students, staff and leadership at Stetser Elementary for their efforts to connect and build community with Henri Christophe Community School. We look forward to continuing to find creative ways to work, learn and build community together!

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