New Songs – WOZO Choir

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September 1, 2012

It’s great coming home to kids being constructive. Nearly every day when school is not in session members of WOZO choir (37) come to our home (John and Merline) to practice their songs, create new ones and do fun and constructive activities like playing soccer, working on English and working on their XO laptops or the iPad that Nick Engle gave them. Often it’s a combination of a number of these activities in small groups. Singing kids who are constructively engaged can make even the roughest of days end well.

This new song talks about how life can be beautiful when we work together and do constructive things like planting trees, which is an activity that WOZO does.

As Merline says, “It keeps them off the streets.” With schools in Haiti not starting until October 1, constructive activities are of crucial importance.

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