Poverty Tourism Can Make Us So Thankful

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January 4, 2011

My wife Merline and I (John Engle) were here when the earthquake struck and have been based here ever since. We’ve received at least 125 visiting Americans into our home since the earthquake, people who are exploring deeper partnership with Haiti Partners. I often feel like a “Poverty Tourism” guide.

I love the article that Haiti Partners Co-Director Kent Annan wrote for Huffington Post and will request that all Haiti Partners visitors read it before coming to Haiti with us.

Poverty Tourism Can Make Us So Thankful

The jolt in Port-au-Prince herniated a disk in my lower back two weeks ago. The pain is making it hard to sleep tonight. I’ve walked with a sideways bent and haven’t been able to pick up my two young children since.

But here’s the thing: the jolt happened while riding a motorcycle taxi to a meeting in a tent camp where 50,000 people live under tarps. So I can’t much indulge in feeling sorry for myself. Click here for rest of article.

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