The Gift of a Joyful Presence

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November 30, 2010

Yesterday we in the Engle/Myril Haiti household bid our beloved “Tant Anne” farewell. “Tant” is Haitian-Creole for aunt. While we’re not related by blood, she is family for us. She spent ten days with us on this visit helping out in the house, teaching English to Wozo choir kids and helping them with new English songs, taking care of new puppies, etc. Most of all, she blessed all of us with her joyful presence.

Even for those of us in Haiti who have a roof over our head and means to prevent or treat cholera, life here is challenging. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed witnessing each day intense human misery and destruction caused by earthquake not to mention hearing the alarming predictions from experts about the spread of cholera.

In the midst of all of this, a joyful presence like Tant Anne’s nourishes our souls. We love you, Tant Anne. You are already missed! Thank you for who you are and how you enrich our lives. And thank you too for being such a faithful and generous friend to Haiti.
Merline, John, Daniel, Leila, Alex, Nesslie, and Fenye (not to mention all the dogs and puppies! ; )

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