Tony Campolo: Happy Birthday Haiti Partners

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Haiti Partners, from its beginning, was built on the experiences of Kent Annan and John Engle who, over decades, have learned how to be culturally sensitive to the Haitian people. Their sensitivity led them to do the work that they are now doing, and doing brilliantly. They are training teachers and helping boys and girls in seven different schools to get the education that they need in order to have the “good life” that God wants them to have.

The sacrifices made by these two incredibly committed Christians are well documented and have inspired many to come to their side and support the work that they are doing.

I will never forget the day I was trying to eat dinner in a Port-au-Prince restaurant. As I was about to put my fork into the steak that was on my plate, I happened to look to the window on my right. There were three Haitian boys, probably restaveks. They were dirty and in rags. All three were shoeless. Their noses were pressed flat against the glass and they were staring at the food on my plate. The waiter moved in and pulled down the shade, and then said to me, “Don’t let them bother you. Enjoy your meal.”

As if I could!

What John and Kent have forced many of us to do is to roll up the shade and get a good look at those boys, and thousands like them, who need for us to reach out in love and to show Christ’s concern for them.

Education, in addition to food and clothing, is a primary need. Kent and John endeavor to meet people’s needs, and they do so under the banner of Christ, with the hope that the Holy Spirit will come to dwell in those whom they seek to serve, so they will be able to endure the hardships that go with living in Haiti.

It has been a privilege to support this work over the past five years, and my prayer is that the next five years will be even more glorious.

Happy Birthday, Haiti Partners! We love how this video sums up the great work you’re doing.

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