Volunteer Haitian Creole/English Translators Needed

 In Children's Academy, Partners Program, Quality Schools Program

Are you fluent in English and Haitian-Creole and want to help create a tool that improves institutions and leadership?

WorldBlu list

Haiti Partners: a WorldBlu certified workplace since 2010

There are movements throughout the world that are successfully promoting the type of leadership that truly empowers and engages people. Leadership that brings out the best in people and gives way to effective and innovative institutions and enterprises.

One such movement is called World Blu. Inc. magazine recently named World Blu CEO and Founder, Traci Fenton, one of the Top 50 Leadership Thinkers. Haiti Partners is part of the World Blu network and has hosted Traci and her team in Haiti to do leadership seminars. To be part of the World Blu list of most democratic and freedom-centered workplaces, employees evaluate their company/organization based on 10 principles (in Haitian-Creole).

While Haiti Partners staff has translated the principles and other material in Haitian Creole (more Worldblu material), there’s more to translate, including their Scorecard which is used for employees to evaluate their organizations.

We’re looking for Haitian-Americans and/or others who are fluent in Haitian-Creole and English with strong translation skills to contribute to the movement with us. Let’s join together and push for more responsible and skillful leadership practices. We’re happy to provide recommendations for those who successfully help with this. Those qualified and interested should send CV and cover letter to: hello@haitipartners.org

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