Christa Brelsford Returns to Haiti

 In Quality Schools Program

November 17, 2010

I (John Engle) along with so many continue to draw inspiration from Christa Brelsford and her family who are committed to making good out of bad.

Christa was volunteering at Cabois Community School last January. She was in my co-worker’s home with her brother and friends when earthquake struck. A chunk of cement fell on the bottom part of her leg, pinning her to the ground. It took hours to remove it. They got her to a UN base. There they were able to get her to Miami but unfortunately, her leg had to be amputated beneath the knee.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself Christa did what she’s known for doing when she confronts obstacles, according to her father Taylor, who is accompanying her in Haiti right now on his first visit here, “She quirks her chin and moves forward with strength and determination.”

While in Miami, Jessica Zyman of Zyman Foundation, heard her story on the news and was moved, which led to a grant of $100,000 to rebuild the school where Christa had been volunteering. It also made possible a micro-credit program that is helping families of the students at Cabois. Haiti Partners is both honored and grateful for the opportunity to be in partnership with Cabois Community School, Christa Brelsford and family, and the Zyman Foundation.

Learn about the amazing story of Christa and her family on her website: Christa’s Angels

Thank you, Christa, for the example of your strength and determination and for your commitment to make good out of bad.

Below, Christa reunites with Wenson who saved her life. NBC films to be aired on Today Show.

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