Construction Team Making Great Progress at Children’s Academy Bakery

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July 24, 2013
Erik Badger

You may have read in a previous blog post about our partnership with Extollo International to train community members from the vicinity of the Children’s Academy in earthquake resistant construction techniques. This partnership is moving forward and great things are coming out of it. Already, a work crew made up of local, recent trainees and overseen by Extollo have begun construction on the bakery building adjacent from the school.

Here are a few pictures with captions to give you a sense of what going currently. Thanks to John for sending these along and we look forward to following this great progress over the coming months!


Digging out where the bakery will be built, and learning how to “bench” the dirt and compact it so it will not slide. 


From left: Altidor Robinson, Ronald Merisier and Alberto Pierre are getting rebar straightened and cut to length for use in the retaining wall and footings. 



Mr Nesly Bienaime is making gravel out of big rocks for various uses, such as base rock for under concrete slabs and gravel for water drainage. 


A great team (left to right): Pierre Kenold, Croisile Mirlande, Jean Reynald Blanc, Mariane Louis Jean, Jores Auguste, Viliane Blanc and Marie Carmelle Altidor 


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