Different Concept of Learning: A Teacher’s Perspective

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Children's Academy Feb 28 2013

The following account was written by Kerline Janvier, Children’s Academy Co-Coordinator, and translated by Erik Dadger in January 2013:

Children’s Academy teacher: Esther

Esther had experience working at another school, which, as is still so common, used traditional methods of memorization, recitation and discipline through corporal punishment. In this setting, students can only do their best to absorb what they can because conditions that facilitate learning do not exist.

At the Children’s Academy there is a different conception of learning. It’s not only books, notebooks, and pencils, but good conditions for learning that count. Esther discovered this new approach to learning at the Children’s Academy, saw how the children are more at ease, and hopes to learn more so as to become an even better teacher.

In this way, at the Children’s Academy we’re not only teaching students to read and write. We are preparing good citizens who will be ready to take responsibility for Haitian society. Haiti craves this like dry soil craves the rain.

Even though Esther is currently pregnant, she insists on missing as few days of class as possible so she can continue to learn the new teaching methods and participate in the development of the students.

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