Extollo Partnership Brings Vocational Training to Children’s Academy

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June 7, 2013
Erik Badger

After the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, there was much talk about the massive devastation and the unbelievable number of people who died. What was less commonly talked about was a major reason why the quake was so destructive: the prevalence of poor construction.

There are certainly many reasons for this: the state’s inability to enforce building codes, a lack of modern equipment (like cement mixers), people saving money by using too little cement, etc. But, a major reason is certainly a simple lack of masons schooled in earthquake- and hurricane-resistant building techniques. In Haiti the vast majority of masons – and tradespeople of all types – learn through apprenticeships under older, established masons. Unfortunately, few of these Bòs Mason continue their educations after they themselves become professionals. Thus, old-fashioned techniques are often repeated generation after generation.

Well, we’re pleased to say that as a result of a partnership with Extollo International, this cycle will no longer continue in Baocia, the community where the Children’s Academy and Learning Center is located. As seen in these images, local men – and women – are learning modern, earthquake- and hurricane-resistant building techniques. Since Baocia is also an area known for the many masons and tradespeople who live there, we are optimistic that this training will have a ripple effect capable of reaching across the country.

Haiti Partners is thrilled to be in partnership with Sherman and Avery and everyone at Extollo. To learn more about this partnership, click here. To view their excellent blog posts about this project, visit Extollo’s website here.


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