Great video from our partner Calvary Church

 In Quality Schools Program

March 17, 2014
Erik Badger

Thanks to our friends at Calvary Church in Holland, MI, for putting together this great video with Laurie Poll and Sarah Genzink talking about the work we’re engaged in together. Each July for the last two years, Calvary has organized a group of educators to fly to Haiti from Michigan to spend a few days working closely with the teachers from our partner schools. Their attention to the needs our teachers express and the preparations they make in advance to make the trainings successful have been truly extraordinary. They are really exemplary partners!

Just last week, me and my colleague, Benaja Antoine, visited Michigan to see first-hand the methods our teachers have been trained in so that we can better support them to improve. As ever, our Calvary friends prepared a fun, productive visit.

Thank you to Laurie and Sarah and everyone from Calvary that has worked so hard to make this partnership a success. We look forward to seeing you again this July for the 3rd annual Teachers Summit!

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