Partnership and Progress: Onto the Second Floor!

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May 13, 2014

Partnership is so key to our work that we made sure to include it in our name: Haiti Partners. And for us, partnership means many things. It can be individuals coming to visit and learn about Haiti, groups connecting with schools or churches that are trying to move forward, or even institutions partnering to enhance and attain shared goals.

A great example of this is our partnership with Extollo International. Extollo brings decades of professional building experience to the goal of training Haitians with employable construction skills so that they can rebuild their country. Haiti Partners’ mission is to help Haitians change Haiti through education. It’s a perfect fit.

With Extollo handling the training and construction and Haiti Partners providing the project and infrastructure, together we have created a 13 person construction team, trained them in masonry, electric, plumbing and now welding, and set them to the task of building a 3 story building on the campus of the Children’s Academy which will house a bakery social business (to generate revenue for the school), a training center and a guesthouse.

This month, the team put the roof on the first floor. Click here to read Extollo’s excellent blog post about the progress.

Kudos to the team, to Extollo, and for all the fantastic work that’s happening through this partnership. We look forward to helping – through an exemplary partnership – Haitians change Haiti for years to come!

 Bakery May 2014

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