Treasure found in the Caribbean: The Haitian kid with the googly eyes

 In Children's Academy, Quality Schools Program

March 25, 2013

Social Entrepreneur Carlos Miranda Levy writes about his experience of meeting a child with great potential upon his recent visit to the Children’s Academy.

Thank you for your visit Carlos and we look forward to staying in touch!

It was a bright and shiny day in the Caribbean and Ayesha commented on the beautiful clouds on the way up to the mountains just outside Port-au-Prince as our bodies took a pounding — or a rough shiatsu massage if you prefer — as John and his Haiti Partners crew brought us to the Children Academy for our Civil Dialogue program of peer conversations among unlikely equals. The landscape and the view could not be more impressive for the two young Middle East women joining us from Iran and the United Arab Emirates as we looked down the endless cement jungle of Port-au-Prince’s 4 million inhabitants disappeared into the Sea while surrounded by a tapestry of green trees. But not even I, coming from neighbouring Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic was prepared for the unexpected discovery yet to make this memorable day even more special.

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