7 years later…still making a difference today

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Today is the seventh anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. It’s a day to pause–in sadness for so many whose lives were lost, in respect for the courage so many in Haiti showed in recovery, and in gratitude for so many who generously gave to help in the days and months after.

On this anniversary, we continue to help people recover from Hurricane Matthew. Through  your support:

  • 40 homes were repaired or rebuilt entirely, including for the families of 4 Micah Scholars and several students at our partner school on La Gonave, Bèl Platon. Families contributed water, gravel, rocks, etc.
  • 122 cash disbursements were made to families and partner school staff, in partnership with Tearfund, allowing them to attend to immediate needs and reopen the school quickly.
  • 120 goats were distributed to students’ families to replace livestock that was killed in the hurricane.
  • 22 churches are working with our help to establish savings and credit groups, as well as small-scale breeding projects to help replace livestock lost in the hurricane.
  • 2 heavy duty 800 gallon water tanks were installed at the school to collect rainwater in partnership with Concern Worldwide.


You make an incredible difference in people’s lives. As we remember people struck by the earthquake and the hurricane, we also invite you to continue to invest in education for Haiti’s long-term future. Part of what education does is make it possible for Haitians to change their country–and be less vulnerable to disasters in the future.

With sadness, with gratitude, and with hope,

John & Kent

*To learn more about our Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts, you can view our picture and video archive here.

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