Hurricane Irma Update

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Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern for Haiti as Hurricane Irma has begun to bear down there. Our networks of educators, community and church leaders, have been sharing information about the storm and making preparations. As of now, we have not yet received reports of any major damage. That said, Irma is only just arriving. The next 24 hours will be the real test.

Many of you remember Hurricane Matthew from October of last year. In this moment of uncertainty, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who pitched in to help with those recovery efforts. One thing to feel good about in this situation is that there are many families, particularly on the island of La Gonave, who this year will face the storm’s brutal winds and rain in a secure, reinforced home, rather than a precarious, makeshift shelter. Thanks to the caring hearts and generosity of supporters like you, these families will suffer less and be back on their feet sooner.
Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered and continues to suffer this hurricane season in Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, as they are with our many friends in Florida as Irma nears.
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