Hurricane Matthew Response Plan

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Family Assistance in Response to Hurricane Matthew

After assessing losses in the communities where we serve, Haiti Partners will respond to Hurricane Matthew through:

  1. Small grants to help the families of staff, school students, and Micah Scholars who suffered significant loss in the hurricane. They need help primarily with home repair, buying seeds for crops that were ruined, and to secure safe drinking water. (The photo above is of a home in one of the areas where we work.)
  2. Small grants to help families who weren’t hit directly by the worst of the hurricane, but suffered from this storm because their homes are inadequate or were never properly rebuilt after the 2010 earthquake, leaving them particularly vulnerable to bad weather.

Investing in Long-Term Work After a Crisis

Our work isn’t focused in the areas hit hardest by the storm, particularly in the south where cities have been leveled and the death toll is well into the hundreds. There are good organizations like Hope for Haiti and Partners in Health who are better equipped to help those areas in the hurricane aftermath. But still, there was serious damage to homes and crops in some of our communities. We’re so grateful for our supporters who see Haiti’s vulnerability in moments like this, identify with Haiti Partners’ mission and vision, and want to work through us to help those in our network recover from the hurricane and become less vulnerable in the future.

Next Steps

We continue to be deeply committed to helping Haitians change Haiti through education. You can learn more here about our mission and the long-term commitment of our team. The Haitian colleagues and communities we work with, as after the earthquake, remain steadfast about investing in lasting change even as we face these heartbreaking crises along the way.

We invite you to:

  • Give to help people in Haiti Partners’ network recover from Hurricane Matthew and become less vulnerable in the future.
  • Visit Haiti as part of a “barn-raising” team to help families rebuild their homes (more info soon).
  • Follow our blog and social media as we share stories of what your generosity in moments of crisis can accomplish.
  • Continue to pray for families as they recover from the hurricane.

With deep gratitude,

The Haiti Partners team


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