Impact Update – Fall 2021

Children’s Academy steps up to meet the school community’s challenges

Haiti continues to reel from last summer’s tragic events. Armed gangs are increasingly active and kidnappings have spiked throughout the country. This has led to a dramatic increase in gas prices and has had a chilling affect on the economy, disproportionately impacting the poor.

In the Children’s Academy school community this has led to a troubling development: A number of students’ families, feeling increasingly unable to even meet the basic needs of their children, have sent their kids away into restavèk (child servitude). While this has always been a risk here, recently it has become a pressing concern.

Thankfully, because the teachers and staff at the Children’s Academy have such close relationships with the students and their families, it didn’t take long to identify this problem. In response the Wellness Team, which typically focuses on student health at the school, has taken on this issue, communicating regularly with teachers, students and parents, and even making home visits to check on the welfare of these at-risk children and families. Once a student has been identified as at-risk, the Wellness Team and other school staff works with the family to educate them about the dangers of restavèk and assure they find the support they need to be able to keep their children where they belong, at home with their family.

While protecting students and families from restavèk is generally out of the scope of the services provided at the Children’s Academy, the reality is that in the small impoverished rural community in which the school resides, in special times of need like we have today, nobody is better positioned to help than the school.

Haiti Partners is proud of and grateful to the valiant Haitian staff and parent volunteers at the Children’s Academy who work so hard each day on this issue. We remain committed to supporting them in these efforts to protect and defend children and families in their school community.

Partner Schools make the best of the fall semester despite great challenges

These images are from Henri Christophe Community School, one of our partner schools outside the capitol. Despite Haiti’s current challenges, the teaching staff at Henri Christophe continues to benefit from the training they’ve received over the years, including using discussion-based education and creative classroom activities to help their students thrive.

More efficient, environmentally friendly generator installed at Children’s Academy

The new Kubota generator uses less fuel, creates less exhaust, and is both smaller and quieter. We look forward to making the system more environmentally friendly by installing a bank of donated solar panels on the roof this spring. We are exceedingly grateful to all those who supported this project through this year’s Giving Tuesday campaign.

Haiti Partners is proud to be fully accredited by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance/

Earning accreditation from BBB Wise Giving Alliance/ involves undergoing a rigorous evaluation process that includes meeting 20 accountability standards in the areas of governance, measuring effectiveness, finances and fundraising & info. Learn more here.


Haiti Partners maintains perfect score on Charity Navigator Encompass rating system

After introducing “Finance & Accountability” and “Culture & Community,” Charity Navigator has expanded its new Encompass Rating system to include, “Leadership & Adaptability.” In all three categories, Haiti Partners has received 100/100 ratings.  View our Charity Navigator rating page here.


Haiti Partners earns 2021 Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar

Platinum is Guidestar’s highest level of recognition and puts Haiti Partners in their top 5% of non-profit organizations working in education and community development in Haiti. Learn more here.

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