Update on the recent turmoil in Haiti

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Friends to Haiti,

We hope this letter finds you well. You have likely heard about the recent unrest in Haiti. We wanted to give you an update.


Beginning February 7, a series of protests began in Haiti. The demonstrations grew mainly in the capitol, Port-au-Prince, but ultimately have been affecting the entire country. The impact has brought day-to-day activity to a standstill. Schools have been closed and other critical services like hospitals and clinics have been operating minimally if at all. Food and water has become harder to find and prices have spiked.


The immediate cause of the protests is government corruption allegations, hyper- inflation and the cost of living in general.

The deeper cause, in our view, is extreme and ongoing inequality. Haitians are fed up with living in economic apartheid. Haiti ranks with four other countries as having the greatest inequality on the planet (source). Extreme inequality is a recipe for unrest.


Many of you have reached out to make sure that our Haiti staff and students are okay, and we are grateful for your concern. Please know that we are maintaining regular contact with our network on the ground in Haiti and so far as we know, for the time being everyone is safe and secure.

We are grateful for all your support. We’re as committed as ever to our mission of helping Haitians change Haiti through education and a vision of creating a new school-based community development model.

Our school leaders have been taking the lead to bring people together, create constructive dialogue, and assure that students, parents and other community members remain safe despite this difficult juncture.

Thank you for your support and for keeping Haiti close to your heart in this tumultuous time.




John & Merline for Haiti Partners

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