We believe Haiti can and will inspire the world.

90 minutes

Haiti is just 90 minutes from the coast of Florida. From brightly-colored tap-taps to joyful worship services, Haiti is filled with vibrant life. It is a beautiful country with many resources:

Its Communities

Its Culture

Its People

Opportunities abound

Haiti is often portrayed as a lost cause that never seems to get any better. We couldn’t disagree more. The truth is that many of the challenges result from a long history of colonialism, slavery, and exploitation. For over 400 years, Haitian people have too often been denied the chance to expand their horizons and realize their dreams. And too often, efforts to help have reinforced the problem through unhealthy partnership and dependencies:

We see progress

But we see progress in everything from Haiti’s 18-year-old journey into democracy to the grassroots efforts. And every day there are opportunities to work with people who give us compelling reasons for hope:


Students like Aphterlande and Eliodor (above) receive opportunity through scholarships. This approach also helps build stronger institutions like families, churches, schools, social businesses, and seminaries. Through partnership, we help Haitians find solutions to the challenges they face.

Together as we help Haitians change Haiti through education, we believe Haiti can and will inspire the world as we join together in God’s story of Justice.