Volunteer Appreciation Week 2020: Celebrating Diane Hauenstein

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“Always look for the helpers!” From medical assistant to missionary, Diane Hauenstein (pictured on right above) has always found herself led to help others. 

Diane with staff members, Erik & Deb, at Educate & Celebrate 2019

“One of the first things I noticed about Haiti Partners was the genuine caring for one another that is still very much a part of the organization at every level. From the engagement of our donors to the dedication of the teachers and leadership at the Children’s Academy, our help is truly making a difference in the lives of Haitian children.”

Diane spent five years in the 70’s at a school in Brazil with her late husband who was a minister. There were hardships and similar obstacles, such as language barriers and poverty, but the school was already well-established and connected to the church. “I was among those who made the trip to Haiti several years ago when travel was still safe. It was really exciting to see the beginnings of a school and how it was helping build community.”

Diane with Merline Engle in 2019

Diane observed, “the attitude and enthusiasm of the children really affirms how important education is not only in the student’s lives, but the impact it has on families and the entire community. I really believe that the careful growth of the school is a testament to the care Haiti Partners has taken in investing in helping Haitians build their community.”

“While my love of travel and languages continues,” Diane even learned a bit of Creole along the way, “I’m happy at home with family in Vero Beach now. As a volunteer, I really feel a part of the hard work being done in Haiti. I have found my place among the helpers at Haiti Partners.”

And, we are so grateful for the helping hands and heart of Diane Hauenstein.


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