Joslin, Maya, Asha, Roger and Suzanne: THANK YOU!

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September 25, 2010

This special thank you is long overdue. Please forgive me! Your family’s generous donation last December helped teachers and students at Brouard/Lalo Community School after the earthquake.

See photos of students at Brouard/Lalo Community School below. This is a school in the neighborhood where I live with my family. For years a Haitian woman named Madanm Augustin, who lives in Port-au- Prince, paid the teachers a monthly salary. The children come from poor families who are not able to pay school fees. When Madanm Augustin lost her job and her pharmacy was robbed, she could no longer pay the teachers’ salaries. For more than a year, the teachers kept coming to the school to teach the children even though they were not being paid.

While I wanted to help the school, Haiti Partners didn’t have enough money to do so. We were already helping other schools and programs.

Thanks to the money that you gave to Haiti Partners in December and to additional gifts we received from others after the earthquake, Haiti Partners was able to help Brouard/Lalo Community School. We began paying the teachers a salary in February which was a huge help to them because they were in greater need than ever after the earthquake. In addition to paying their salaries each month, Haiti Partners is also making it possible for teachers to receive training and materials that help their students learn more and to develop the potential that God has given them.

I hope, Joslin, Maya, Asha, Roger and Suzanne, that you can come visit this school. My wife Merline and I would love if you can come stay with us and spend time each day with these students and teachers. Again, we cannot thank you enough for helping children in Haiti to receive a better education.

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  • Roger and Suzanne

    Hi John et al.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful message of thanks. Your work is incredible and we’re simply happy to be a very small part of supporting you.

    Blessings and continued success. We do indeed hope to visit sometime in the near future and will look forward to that opportunity when it becomes possible,

    Roger, Suzanne and the girls

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