WOZO Youth Choir Kids Receive XO Student Laptops!

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February 12, 2011

Here children from the Wozo Youth Choir receive XO student laptops.  These rugged laptops are designed for use in contexts like Haiti and encourage students to teach themselves through innovative on-board software called eToys which makes learning fun!  Toward this end, the kids will keep these laptops, allowing them to experiment with them at home and share what they learn with their friends.

Haiti Partners is privileged to be in partnership with Waveplace (to see Tim Falconer’s  blog, click here) and OLPC in helping education in Haiti to leapfrog forward using XO laptops. We’re working hard to equip Haitian children with skills they need to improve their lives and their country.

For more pictures of the XO student laptop project, click here.

For a video of an XO training with Partner School teachers, click here.

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