We are thrilled to share that we surpassed our initial $100K goal! Thanks to a generous supporter,
we have an additional $25K in matching funds. Please join us as we strive to reach the new $150K goal!

I was trained as an educator to serve my country wherever duty calls. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made … I am honored to work at The Children’s Academy, where leaders are engaged in a more holistic approach to education. 

~ Children’s Academy Pedagogy Director, Widlyne (seen here with preschooler, Stecie)

Hear from Natacha, a Children’s Academy parent,
on the impact you’re having in her life

Meet students and parents from
the school community!

Raised: $140,035

Will you help us reach the $100K $150K goal?

Here are a few examples of
what your matched donation can accomplish:

  • $40 (x2) – 2 months of school for a student
  • $100 (x2) – 4 months garden tech help for parents
  • $240 (x2) – 2 semesters of school for a student
  • $480 (x2) – 2 years of school for a student



Jean & Wayne Middleton, Sherman & Cheryl Balch, Celeste & James Ornellas


Elizabeth & Michael Mooney, Krista & Russ Hellem, Patricia Erickson, Donald & Cara Taylor, Carleen Layman & Evan Wenger, Fred & Gina Eddy, Heather & Andrew Bronson, David Danis, Allan & Louise Campbell, Daniel & Susana Rohrer, David Levy, Jerry Januszewski, Joyce & Ken Johnson, Marlene Rupp & Steve Sooby, Edward & Dawn Michael, Christina Baxter & Nick Vernace, Patrick & Linda Collins, John & Stephanie Smith, Stan & Jeanette Harder, Mary Pautz, James Kochersperger


Stanley & Judith Ott, Jean McQuiggin, Andrew Street, Julie & Robert Spahr, Charlotte Terry & John Hilton, Shelley & Todd Cassel, Sharon Engle, Ralph & Jennifer Watts, Laurie & Steve Poll, A Bowl of Good Cafe, Ernie & Katrina Didot, Tim & Joanne Reist, Denny Allen & Sally Harrison, Malaika Johnson, Matthew Simonson, Jennie Broome, Patricia Aburdene, Phil & Sandy Holtrop, Richard & Carol Sheridan


Laura Antonelli & Bruno Freeman, Anna Detweiler, Amy Ricords, Cindy & Kevin Koser, Douglas & Jill Kemper, Timothy Spaman, Raj Kosaraju, Neal & Nancy Lohuis, Graciela Engle, Kim & Laurie Haarburg, Bonnie Bird, Gwenyth Searer, Michele & Dan Murphy, Kimberly Holmes

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