Community Open Space Meeting at Children’s Academy

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December 5, 2011

Yesterday’s community open space meeting on future site of Children’s Academy convened more than 300 people. The meeting opened with Haiti Partners Youth Choir singing welcome song and closed with them too. Participants and planning committee were thrilled with the meeting. Notes were taken, will be typed up and will shape philosophy and program of Children’s Academy.

I (John Engle) had two older men, independent of the other, come and tell me, “I thank God that I’ve lived long enough to see this. I never imagined in my life that Bawosya would have a wonderful program develop like this.”

Haiti Partners is thrilled to be in partnership with Architecture For Humanity and their affiliate BAR Architects in design and construction of Children’s Academy. Click here to see the architectural plans and other documents and photos.

We’re also thrilled to be in partnership with Grameen Creative Lab toward creating a social business that generates revenue to help pay the school budget.

Click here to download vision for CHILDREN’S ACADEMY .

Photos from top to bottom: closing circle of open space mtg, small group break-out session, foundation/cistern for first building of Children’s Academy. Click here for more photos.

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  • Lisa Heft

    Wonderful, my friends. A deep bow to my fabulous Haitian Open Space facilitator colleagues, your families and your community. You are an inspiration to us all.

  • Amy King

    Awesome! I look forward to following the progress of this project. I’m especially interested in the Grameen partnership. Bon courage!

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