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April 4, 2011

My colleagues and I (John Engle) are delighted to share a film that we’ve (we includes the amazing Luke Renner and Sylove with Fireside International along with others involved) created about a wonderful Haitian success story of communities creating income generating activities to pay teachers’ salaries to educate the children in their communities.

The purpose of this film is to stimulate imagination and creative solutions among Haitians toward tackling the problem that so many families and communities in Haiti confront of not having resources to educate their children.

The website address at the end of the film, (natifnatal means local Haitian solutions) will eventually go to a website that is filled with information about Haitian solutions to the current education problem. We are grateful to Vista Hermosa for providing the funds to create this film along with a companion booklet for guiding groups through process of creating a community business. And hats off to our friends on La Gonave who are doing this amazing work seen in the film!

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  • eric

    Cpngratulations for doing this film on the community, Based on the cast and subject matter alone, it looks worth to watch and watch again.

  • Jayne Engle-Warnick

    What an excellent film and inspiring set of stories! I’m going to share this in my networks. Bravo to all involved!

  • Claudine

    Congrats, this is such an inspiration and refreshing to see great work being done in places no ones wants to go. Great model to replicate throughout the country. kinbe la bon travay

  • Emmanuel

    So great to watch such an interesting film.This inspiration is wonderful.Good job for any involved pesron!That’s a blessing

  • Todd Saddler

    Ayibobo! What a great video about wonderful people doing a beautiful thing! I predict it will have an amazing effect when it is broadcast in Ayiti.

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