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October 20, 2011

Allan and Mary Pautz Klotche came to Haiti again as planned. In addition to spending time with Wozo choir, they did a music seminar for 22 school directors and teachers on how to use music to improve children’s learning and create more joy in the classroom. It was a great success. Allan and Mary rallied their friends and colleagues and created music kits that for each of Haiti Partners seven partner schools. Each kits include instruments, ipods equipped with music, speakers etc and have a value of nearly $400.

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  • Wendy Orthober

    Such exciting and rewarding work you are doing in Haiti. Can’t wait to visit with you all in April and share God’s love with you all! Continued prayers for this wonderful work!

  • Heather Maurer

    Your brother is a friend of mine and shared this with me. Thank you so much for your great work in Haiti. Check out Mother Health International, we have a birth clinic in Jacmel. Blessings, Heather

  • Becky Lockwood

    The joy seen on the faces of the Haiti people was priceless. Thanks for what you two are doing!! Love in Christ, Becky

  • Leann & Dave Cooke

    We found this all too short video very moving —hearing and seeing our Haiti brothers and sisters sharing thru music, movement and welcoming hugs their joy and gratitude.
    You both, Mary and Allan, are truly INSTRUMENTS of God’s love! Blessings on your work!
    Gratefully, Dave and Leann

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