Social Business to Help School

 In Partner Schools, Quality Schools Program

April 29, 2011

Yesterday Ipena Lucien of Grameen Creative Lab Haiti met with teachers and school director of one of Haiti Partners partner schools to discuss possible social businesses that would benefit the community and the school.

My colleagues and I (John Engle) were so impressed with Ipena’s facilitation skills. Haiti Partners is extremely excited about being in partnership with Grameen Creative Lab. We truly believe that the social business strategy is crucial in making quality education a reality for more of Haiti’s children and for Haiti’s development in general.

Haiti Partners recently completed a film about a Haitian success story in our effort to encourage and support social business for improving education in Haiti. Click here to learn more and view.

Here’s a short video of yesterday’s meeting.

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  • Randy Mont-Reynaud

    Ah, if only Toma and Dieudonne, of Mon Bouton, could be part of such meetings, sometime…and clone themselves, of course…

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