Impact Update – Spring 2023

Children’s Academy reopens as insecurity subsides

It is with great joy we share that The Children’s Academy reopened!  The school had to close to students last January due to gang activity in the area. In May with the insecurity beginning to subside, staff members and parents met and decided it was once again safe to reopen. While it took a little while for students to return, most now have and the school is currently serving over 335 students each day. Learn more.

World Environment Day promotes respect for the environment

On June 5th The Children’s Academy celebrated World Environment Day. Staff gathered with students, distributed saplings, discussed where best to plant them, and how to follow up to make sure they grow up well. The school also practices recycling, uses composting toilets, and spends 5 minutes each day in every classroom discussing respect for the environment.

Partner Schools, Children’s Academy, conduct trainings despite insecurity

Despite ongoing gang violence, this spring four Leogane-area Partner Schools as well as The Children’s Academy were able to gather for trainings. The Leogane training focused on being mutually supportive while teaching amidst trauma. The Children’s Academy training, held in partnership with Life is Good, focused on mental health in a time of trauma.

Haiti Partners Earns Four-Star Rating From Charity Navigator

Reviewing charities since 2001, Charity Navigator is the premier charity rating website in the USA. Their comprehensive rating system evaluates the cost-effectiveness and overall health of a charity’s programs, including measures of stability, efficiency, and sustainability.  Click here to visit the Haiti Partners Charity Navigator rating page.


Haiti Partners makes “9 Best Charities Impacting Haiti” list

We are pleased to share that Haiti Partners has been recognized as one of the “9 Best Charities Impacting Haiti,” alongside other committed organizations that we have collaborated with over the years. Major kudos to Impactful Ninja for their thorough research and emphasis on Haitian-led change and development. View the “9 Best Charities Impacting Haiti” list here.


HP Partners with FreeWill to make tax-free giving from your IRA easy

Did you know that if you’re 70.5 or older with an IRA, you’re uniquely eligible to donate directly from your IRA and reduce your future tax burden? We’ve partnered with FreeWill to provide a secure donation tool giving you a smarter way to support our mission and increase your impact. Learn how to give smarter here.

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