Impact Update – Winter 2021

The Our Story Team

In January 2020 we formed Ekip Istwa Nou – the “Our Story Team.” This team of tech-savvy young Haitians has been providing high quality content from the Children’s Academy throughout the pandemic. While the Team is a great asset to HP’s communications efforts, it also fits under our entrepreneurship programming as the team practices employable skills while learning to tell stories with trust and respect for the community.

Meal Program in Bèl Platon

We want to thank our friends at Schools Count Corp for making a meal program possible at our most remote Partner School, Bèl Platon Community School. Schools Count has been a dedicated partner for over 10 years, helping multiple Partner Schools particularly in times of dire need. We are very grateful to Schools Count and look forward to continuing to partner to serve student and communities in Haiti far into the future.

Growing Together Benefit

On February 20 we held our first virtual event: The Growing Together Benefit. We’re grateful to everyone who made it a success and invite you to view and share some of the great content that came out of it like this piece about Konbit (see right), the revised 90-second “Day in the Life of Leissa” video, or even view the full benefit (with a linked table of contents for easy viewing!).


Check out our new “Stories of Change” webpage

While we spend most of our days focused on the details of improving programming or strengthening our organization, we understand that the best way for people to connect with our work is through stories. With this in mind, we’ve created a dedicated webpage where folks can focus in on the impact their support is having on individual lives. View the Stories of Change webpage here.


Looking to add a little spice to your birthday or another special event this year?

Pledge to fundraise on Facebook for your birthday or another event and we’ll have you in hot sauce, Haitian handmade paper greeting cards, and an HP t-shirt in no time! Learn more here.

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  • Jodie Kane

    Love this impact update and the new story page! Looking forward to sharing these stories with my grand children.

  • John Engle

    Thanks Jodie for taking time to review and for the positive feedback. We’re so grateful for your faithful and generous support. Thank you for being in this work with us!

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