Impact Update – Winter 2023

Children’s Academy improvises to serve students despite ongoing insecurity

Haiti’s political and security situation continues to be dire. Despite periodic closings the Children’s Academy has been able to adapt and continues to do good work, from teacher visits to student homes, to organizing groups of parents to clean and repair local roads, to organizing students to plant trees, to distributing potable water. Learn more.

Partner Schools continue to make progress amidst general unrest

Like all schools in Haiti this year, our six Partner Schools started the school year a few weeks late and have faced at least brief closures due to political turmoil and general insecurity. Nonetheless, they continue to serve over 1150 students each day offering experiential learning, student-centered education, and in some cases vital meal programs.

Construction training at Children’s Academy draws on concept of Konbit

In December a construction training was held at the Children’s Academy for 20 local residents, parents of students, and school staff. The training drew on the concept of “Konbit” – where everyone works for the mutual benefit of all – to develop a strong team with varied expertise that will be ready to go the next time the need for construction arises. Learn more.

Haiti Partners once again receives full accreditation from BBB Wise Giving Alliance/

Earning accreditation from BBB Wise Giving Alliance/ involves undergoing a rigorous evaluation process that includes meeting 20 accountability standards in the areas of governance, measuring effectiveness, finances and fundraising & info. Click here to visit the Haiti Partners charity review page.


Introducing our new monthly donor program: The Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund is a group of monthly donors who care deeply about Haiti’s students, families and communities, and who wish to walk alongside them as they work to improve their country. Joining at as little as $5/month offers a series of benefits, including Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce and our Growing Together Handmade Paper Haitian greeting cards. Click here to learn more on The Scholarship Fund webpage.


Haiti Partners joins with FreeWill to make legacy giving easy

Haiti Partners is excited to share that we’ve partnered with FreeWill. FreeWill makes it simple and cost-free to write your legal will and create other important documents like an Advance Healthcare Directive or Financial Power of Attorney. You can even create a legacy with us to ensure we can continue to support education for generations to come. Click here to learn more on the Haiti Partners FreeWill page.

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  • Richard Flesher

    In the long scheme of things, not to mention the enormous good you are doing day to day, the wonderful education opportunities you are providing WILL be the building blocks of bringing a stable and peaceful society and government to all of the people of Haiti.

    Dick Flesher

    • Erik Badger

      Thank you for your support and encouragement, Dick! One day when things quiet down, I’d love to get you out to Bèl Platon to meet the students and staff. Such an inspiring group. As always, best to you. ~ Erik

  • Lisa

    In dire times, your report is filled with examples of joy, compassion, dedication and above all, hope! Thank you, Erik! And may the Lord continue to walk beside the teachers, students and families of Haiti Partners!

    • Erik Badger

      Thank you, Lisa! So glad you found it inspiring. I continue to be inspired by our Haitian colleagues and what they do each and every day!

  • Laurie Poll

    Education gives us HOPE! So thankful for all that Haiti Partners has continued to do in the lives of the students and staff at all the schools. We continue to lift you all up in prayer for better days ahead! Keep up the great work you all do each day!

    • Erik Badger

      Thanks, Laurie! And thank you as well to your entire team for all the help you’ve provided over the years to help our teachers become the best they can be!

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