Come celebrate with us!

Please join us for a festive evening to celebrate the Haiti Partners Children’s Academy Class of 2028 and the high quality education they are receiving thanks to you. Most of these children would never have had access to school, but, with your help, they’ve just begun 5th grade!

With a great showing last year, our objective this year will be to not only support the Class of 2028 through 5th grade, but to also support the Class of 2033 through kindergarten. In addition, we’re also aiming to support Haiti Partners’ Partner School network, which has been facing grave challenges this year due to the ongoing unrest in Haiti.

It makes for a lofty goal of $100,000, but with such a strong and generous network, we’re confident that together we can reach the goal! Tickets are $200 each, with 70% ($140) tax deductible.

We are currently at capacity. If you’d like to be added to our waiting list or donate to the event, please click below. If you would still like to support the event through sponsoring or donating, please click below. Thank you for your support!


Wed. Jan. 22, 2020
6 to 8:30pm


Salesforce Tower
415 Mission St
Ohana (Top) Floor

San Francisco

Meet Marvens, a Class of 2028 entrepreneur

Come Visit the Haiti Marketplace

The Class of 2028: Then and Now

Thank you for coming last year!

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