I never had the opportunity to go to school. I don’t know how to read or write. As fate would have it, I’m raising my grandchildren. As terrible as Haiti’s situation is, I find hope in my engagement at The Children’s Academy. I love being on the school grounds. My grandchildren would grow up illiterate like me were it not for The Children’s Academy.

~ Arthur St. Louis, grandfather and guardian of two Children’s Academy students

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Raised: $141,406

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Here are a few examples of
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  • $40 (x2) – 2 months of school for a student
  • $100 (x2) – 4 months garden technical assistance for parents
  • $240 (x2) – 2 semesters of school for a student
  • $480 (x2) – 2 years of school for a student



Paul Mulhollem & Valerie Cravens, David Stocker, Betsy & David Quillen, Scott & Barbara Farmer, Sherman & Cheryl Balch, Community Church of Vero Beach, Russ & Krista Hellem


Stanley & Judith Ott, Richard Smith, Jodie & James Kane, Daniel & Susana Rohrer, Gene & Jean Cravens, Paul Brinks, Donald & Cara Taylor, Lynn & John Loftus, Joyce & Ken Johnson, Patricia & William Milford, John & Stephanie Smith, Dawn Michael, Thea & Tim Gabrielse, Patrick Golan, Elizabeth & Michael Mooney, Jeff Reynolds


Adam & Suzanne Bolinger, Shelley & Todd Cassel, Kari Lipke & Joanne Engquist, Stanley & Anita Soule, Alan & Patricia Gale, Jeannie Saver, Patricia Erickson, Denny Allen & Sally Harrison, Dr. & Mrs. LeBlanc, J. Gauthier, Joyce Bohan, Julie & Robert Spahr, Houston Kraft, Matthew Simonson, Marrone & Marrone, Malaika Johnson, Michele Murphy, Tim & Joanne Reist, Mary & Richard Pautz


Bob & Lila Bolinger, Tonya Grotenhuis, Florence Fowlkes, Andria Guarino, Dr. Jean Thomas, Sr., Eric Rubenstein, Anna Detweiler, Richard Brandon, James Hug, John & Renata Hahn-Francini, Kimberly Holmes, Jean McQuiggin, Joanne Hanna, Jeff Quick

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