A Growing Movement

 In Holistic Churches Program

Marcelin stood behind the pulpit one Sunday in late November to preach. She began slowly, laying out the realities of life for many children in Haiti, the congregation listened silently.

Many children are living in domestic servitude; defenseless and vulnerable, they have no voice.


She named hard truths, and a few in the congregation muttered agreement.

You might know these children. Some might be living in your own homes or the homes of people you know.

As she made the case for their protection, voices sounded and hands waved.

Jesus gave the model when he said, “let the children come to me.” Children are our future, and they have so much to offer society.

When she finished almost every hand was raised and a chorus of “Mesi Jesi!” began.


At the same moment in nine other churches throughout Port-au-Prince nine other Micah Scholars were delivering the same message.

That afternoon, the Micah Scholars and hundreds from their congregations gathered to participate together in an event to raise awareness about children’s rights. The subject was heavy, but in true Haitian fashion the event was filled with laughter and celebration, competition and prizes.


“It was a beautiful day. Was it not?” Josue said to me after the last prize had been handed out and we stood waiting for the crowd to clear. “Yes, it was.” I replied.

For many children that day was not beautiful, but there is a movement in Haiti to fight for the rights of these children. A movement that is changing minds and hearts. Marcelin, Josue, and 36 other Micah Scholars on scholarship through Haiti Partners are leading this movement. And through them the movement is growing.

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