Bèl Platon Community School cistern repair campaign update

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Last month, we held an emergency campaign to support the repair of the cistern at Bèl Platon Community School – our most remote partner school – which had developed a leak. Because of the leak, not only was there a lack of water for students at the school, but they also had to suspend their meal program because there was no water to prepare it with, so there was a lack of food. It was a critical, time-sensitive situation.

In response we created a kind of emergency, mini campaign to help the school raise the $2000 it would cost to repair the leak. Remarkably, our network of supporters stepped up quickly and in just 5 days we had reached the goal. Within a week the funds had been transferred to the school, and within days of that the work had begun. By March 1st the work was complete and the leak had been sealed.

Shortly after this HP program coordinator, Benaja Antoine – who grew up near Bèl Platon and knows intimately the challenges of water insecurity in this area of Haiti – visited the school. In this video, he gives a brief update on the project, explains its significance for the school community, and expresses gratitude for all those who supported it and made it a success. (See below for more pictures.)

Thank you!

inside shot

The inside of the newly repaired cistern


With the cistern repaired, the meal program has resumed


The cistern from the outside

Bèl Platon students studying (1)

With their basic needs met, student can once again focus on learning

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