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For our Partner Schools, we don’t pay for everything. Our goal is to create a sustainable and replicable model that will help ensure that in the future all of Haiti’s children will have access to quality education, not just some. Click here to learn more about our individual partners schools.

We find Haitians who are already doing a good job and we come alongside to support them with teacher and leadership training, materials, some construction and repair work, and training and money for social enterprise. We want to help them do what they’re doing better. It’s a partnership between the impressive Haitians who run the school and Haiti Partners. Here’s the list of goals for our Partner Schools:

  • At least 50% of students are girls.
  • Curriculum includes (in addition to national curriculum) agricultural techniques for both rural and urban gardening; students spend time applying these techniques in the school garden.
  • Haitian-Creole is celebrated as a central element of Haitian culture.
  • Classroom management techniques do not permit corporal punishment.
  • Significant portion of school’s operating budget comes from social enterprise profits, managed by parents and school employees.
  • Weekly use of Reflection Circles or some other discussion-based education approach.
  • School staff receives training in Lectio Divina Bible study and are supported as deemed fit in using the method with students (With Christian schools it could be during regular school hours whereas with secular schools, it would be outside of normal school hours.)
  • Integrating parents into the life of their children’s school through planned strategies that include periodic Open Space meetings with parents, school teachers and school administration.
  • Celebrating children, which include honoring their rights and ensuring that there are appropriate relationships between students and teachers and director. (School has written policies that are enforced to make sure that inappropriate behavior is dealt with.)
  • Equipping students to be fluent in English
  • Curriculum also includes a strong civic education program

For downloadable versions of Partner School Goals and Vision documents, follow the links below:

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