Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce – 3 Bottle Gift Pack

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Merline’s Hot Sauce is made in small batches with Caribbean Scotch Bonnet peppers grown organically in Haiti and other Caribbean countries. When you use Merline’s Hot Sauce, you’re helping create livelihoods and supporting education in Haiti. Click here to view our dedicated webpage.

Each 3 bottle gift pack comes with 1 bottle Original Red (Hot), 1 bottle Green (Medium Hot), and 1 bottle Grilled Pineapple & Rhum (Medium Hot).

8 oz bottles. Shake well. Suggested donation amount includes shipping and handling.

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1 review for Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce – 3 Bottle Gift Pack

  1. Kristian Nielsen (verified owner)

    After trying the sauces I found them to be outstanding. Each is wonderfully different, yet complimentary.

    Original Hot: the peppers hit me straight away, which is what I want from a “hot” sauce, but with very nice undertones of garlic and citrus. My comparison for this was Trader Joe’s habanero sauce, which is as hot but lacks the complexity. I also compared Truff, which is a very hit or miss product. Truff is great if the truffle pairs with the food – not always the case – and the truffle flavor is the only noteworthy thing. The other flavors are not very interesting.

    Original Medium: Such a lovely twist on a citrusy green sauce. Familiar and unique at the same time, with its fresh and bright flavors. My experience with green sauce is the stuff you get with Mexican or Tex Mex, which tends to be a bit muddy. Merline’s elevates to a gourmet version, and the coconut really shines!

    Pineapple & Rhum: At first I thought it was a bit fruity, but then the coconut and garlic round it out in such a satisfying way. I can’t wait to try this with carnitas or fish tacos.

    After three rounds of trying them on a veggie pizza, which is a great way to test versatility, I of course tried all three at once. Fireworks! They work so well together, like separate instruments in a band. I’m certain this was intentional.

    I truly believe in this product. Best hot sauce in existence as far as I’m concerned. My go-to, unless I’m craving more of a vinegar hot wings experience.

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