Impact Update – Summer 2021

Children’s Academy & Partner Schools reopen for the 2021-2022 school year

While it has been, no doubt, a challenging summer in Haiti, life continues and so has our work. After much preparation – new classroom spaces, landscaping, teacher training, et al – on September 13th the Children’s Academy re-opened  to 304 students. In the weeks since our Partner Schools have welcomed 1000+ students to begin the school year as well.

Earthquake Relief Update

As described previously, three Children’s Academy staff members are from Haiti’s south and lost family members and homes in the August 14th earthquake. In response, we have committed 100% of donations designated for earthquake relief to help these families and their neighbors. To date this has involved sending basic supplies to over 200 people and then sending funds and other support so that rebuilding can begin.

Special Activities at the Children’s Academy

At the Children’s Academy we continually work to better respond to local interests. With this in mind, we recently got help from a Haitian artist to work with the 4th – 7th grade students to help them improve their drawing techniques. Additionally, each afternoon we hold educational activities for as many as 100 kids and young adults like English and Spanish language, basketball, soccer, music and homework help.


Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce Kickstarter campaign in full swing!

We are excited to share a novel way you can continue to support Haiti Partners’ work while receiving some spicy benefits of your own: Become a “Founding Backer” for the Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce Kickstarter campaign! Proceeds will help Merline grow her production capacity while getting you some hot sauce! Check out Merline’s Kickstarter here.


Haiti Partners gets 100/100 Leadership & Adaptability score on Charity Navigator Encompass rating system

After introducing “Finance & Accountability” and “Culture & Community,” Charity Navigator has now expanded its new Encompass Rating system to include, “Leadership & Adaptability.” In all three categories, Haiti Partners has received 100/100 ratings.  View our Charity Navigator rating page here.

cards thumbnail 2021

Haitian Handmade Paper Greeting cards rebrand as “Growing Together,” offers new design and assortment options

Each year the Handmade Paper Social Business team at the Children’s Academy works closely with Co-Director, Merline Engle, to improve the quality and appeal of the greeting cards. This year, they’ve perfected the embossing and have found a beautiful and efficient way to dramatically increase the design options available. Click here to learn more and see the new designs.

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