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We’re excited to announce the piloting of a few new activities at the Children’s Academy which promises to expand our entrepreneurship offerings in the coming years. The first effort is a small class exploring the potential of different entrepreneurship curricula. In addition to studying the curricula, students are considering business ideas and will be developing initial business plans as part of this work. The class is being conducted in English, further reinforcing their English learning and exposure. The class includes youth and parents from the community surrounding the Children’s Academy, runs in the afternoon each weekday, and will continue through early December. We have been blessed to have this effort led by Michael Palha, an intern from Waterloo University in Canada who’s staying with us through December. Jodie Kitchens, the Entrepreneurship Programa Grant Project Manager, is providing support and oversight.

We’re also in the process of organizing two savings and loans groups with help from a local expert – one with the teachers and another with the parents at the Children’s Academy. Community savings and loans groups are a common technique used in the developing world for people without access to traditional credit to develop the capital they need to launch or expand small businesses. (View pictures here.)

Though these business and financial initiatives are both are being seen very much as learning experiences, we are optimistic that over time they will become integral parts of an expanded and enhanced Entrepreneurship Program.

Stay tuned for more developments!


The entrepreneurship class in one of its initial sessions

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