Circles of Change Project at Power of Education School Wraps Up

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August 1, 2013

In a previous blog post we introduced a Circles of Change group for local teachers that started this spring at the Power of Education School in Martisant. We are pleased to announce that the group recently concluded with a certificate ceremony and participants were thrilled. In the end, though we had only planned on 25 participants, 35 received certificates, showing the level of enthusiasm participants brought to the activity.

At the end, co-facilitators Abelard Xavier and Fertude Sanon invited the group to share what they felt they had learned over the course of the activity. Here’s what they said:

    • to overcome timidity
    • to speak well with others
    • how to judge a situation
    • to listen better when others are speaking
    • to think well
    • to be more knowledgeable and to share this with others
    • to seek happiness
    • to know the importance of agreement
    • to organize life better
    • to learn to love
    • to learn reconciliation
    • how to change

Haiti Partners is very grateful to The Power of Education Foundation and School for partnering with us on this project! We look forward to staying in touch and following how things develop at the school!

*To view graduation pictures, click here.

*To see more pictures from this project, click here.

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