With Tony Campolo in Haiti

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Last week, we had the incredible privilege of receiving world-renowned author, pastor, and social activist Tony Campolo in Haiti!  Tony has challenged millions of Christians around the world to work for social justice and empower the poor and oppressed.   The work of Haiti Partners has its roots in the work began by Tony and the EAPE over 30 years ago, you can read more about that history here.

Tony’s message had a powerful impact on the lives of John and Kent, ultimately leading to their decisions to move to Haiti.  During this trip, we had the chance to visit with the Auguste family, who hosted Kent and his wife Shelly for their first 7 months in Haiti.  The family showed us homes that had been rebuilt since the earthquake, and we enjoyed sitting down for a cool drink in the middle of the day.  We also had the chance to visit the Henri Christophe Community School, rebuilt with funding from the EAPE.

Tony, Robert, and everybody at EAPE, thanks so much for your encouragement and support over the years!   We look forward to hosting you again in Haiti.

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