Thank you from WOZO Youth Choir!

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July 14, 2011

Compliments to WOZO Choir Director, Alex Myril, for creating this wonderful video of the choir kids singing and talking about their XO laptops.  Special thanks to Waveplace for their vital role in making this project happen, as well as to the many visitors who have encouraged the kids to keep singing!

Here are translations of the first song as well as selections from the interviews that follow:

Lyrics for the first song:
Thank you for sending these laptops;
Thanks for helping us and our communities;
Thank you for helping with our education;
We are full of joy, we say thank you!

Alex’s question: “How do you use your laptop?
-“Sometime I use it as a calculator, other times I use it to go on the web, sometime I draw pictures. I couldn’t type well before, now I can type very well!
-“I use it to record music and make videos, to take pictures, and if I learn a new song, I use it to record the song so I can learn it better.

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