Annonciation Community School Rebuilds!

 In Quality Schools Program

August 25, 2011

We are pleased to report that Annonciation Community School is nearing completion of their own classroom building!  Through a generous gift from church supporters in the US, the leadership at Annonciation connected with Haiti Replacement Homes to build them a 6 room, earthquake and hurricane resistant classroom building.  HRH uses local labor, rubble from the earthquake, and engineering expertise, to build seismically safe and environmentally friendly structures while supporting the local economy.  To learn more about their economically, culturally and environmentally responsible approach, click here:

For more pictures from Annonciation Community School, click here.

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  • Holly Cheromcka

    This is incredibly cool!!! So glad they’re getting a new, safe school, and at the same time some rubble is being cleaned up and put to good use in the process!! Wonderful!! :*)

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