National Day for the Elimination of Restavek

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Andryna and Nadege with kid on radio

November 17, 2013

Today is the National Day for the Elimination of Restavek, a call to action on behalf of over 200,000 children that are living away from their families in vulnerable situations, and are often exploited for labor. Across the country, activists for children’s rights are holding rallies and events to mobilize their communities to abolish this practice.

Our Micah Scholars have been working to raise awareness in advance of today’s events. In Gran Goave, Nadege and Andryna organized a radio program that featured nine-year old Joana, the youngest  children’s rights advocate we know! She spoke eloquently of a Haiti where every child is loved and cared for; where no one is exploited or abused.

Since 2010, we’ve partnered with Anonsiyasyon Community School, which educates over 150 children and youth at risk for exploitation and abuse. And in January, the Micah Scholars and our team of church leaders will begin a new project to mobilize churches across the country to take action on behalf of restavek.

Today we invite you to remember these children, as well as the Micah Scholars and educators who are engaging on their behalf, in your thoughts and prayers. May God’s justice roll forth like a river.

With gratitude and hope,

Jonathan Chan, program coordinator

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