Haiti Partners’ Fiscal Year 2018-19 in Review

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July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

Context in Haiti

The year started off with an unprecedented spontaneous uprising on July 6 & 7, 2019. Prompted by increases in fuel prices and general frustration with extreme inequality and government corruption, tens of thousands went to the streets to protest. In addition to shutting down the country, several dozen lives were lost, businesses and buildings were burned and other damage was done. Protests fueled by political opposition and allegedly funded by members of the private-sector dissatisfied with President Moise Jovenel have continued right up to the present. Protestors are demanding that President Jovenel resign. Haiti’s gourd has lost nearly 50% of its value, the number of visitors to Haiti has plummeted, crime has increased and many government offices and the port have not been functioning at all or have functioned sporadically. It’s largely accepted by Haitians from the masses to the educated class and the elite that the only reason President Jovenel is still in office, despite evidence of his corruption, is because of ongoing US support. This has led to some anti-American sentiment and a very delicate work environment.

Organizational Developments

Despite the ongoing unrest, Haiti Partners continued to improve its stewardship of resources. Haiti Partners’ board and staff went through a carefully thought out discernment process. A decision was made to hone our focus on the Schools Program and a well-thought-out plan devised to transition the Churches Program to another organization. We announced this transition in August 2018 (click here). Additionally, we went into the fiscal year with a continued challenge of closing the financial gap caused by a decision of our largest donor to shift focus.

Despite the many challenges and thanks to the generous support of our donors and to great partnerships with the parents of our students, colleagues and organizations in Haiti and the US, Haiti Partners has had an extremely productive and fruitful year. 

Board Development

  • Six new board members: Since August 2018, six highly qualified people all who have been engaged with Haiti Partners for years became board members. (click here to view Board members)
  • Every board member is actively engaged in helping Haiti Partners achieve our mission.
  • Monthly meetings: To improve engagement, we increased the frequency of Board meetings to monthly. Most meetings are by conference call. This fiscal year we had two in-person meetings. (San Francisco in October and Hershey, PA in April)
Board members with staff in Hershey, PA.

Board members with staff in Hershey, PA



  • Anticipating that revenue will exceed expenses by approximately $10,000.
  • Created, launched and succeeded in raising funds to cover our operating budget so that 100% of donations from new givers can go to programs: The Circle Fund – click here
  • We’ve added 276 new accounts this fiscal year, the vast majority of which represent new donors.
  • We have a new financial partner making it possible for us to add the 3rd and final floor to our 2nd building at the Children’s Academy. Construction began July 1!
  • Venues reserved and plans are being executed for upcoming Haiti Partners events:
    • Hershey Country Club, Hershey, PA – November 22, 2019
    • SalesForce Tower, San Francisco – January 22, 2020 
    • Grand Harbor, Vero Beach, FL – March 12, 2020


For an update on The Children’s Academy and Partner Schools, please see our Spring 2019 Schools Report.

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